Big Mommas are coming!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe big Momma bass are coming shallow! It was a cold breezy day as my fishing buddy Mike Race and I launched at The Ti ramp this morning. With the water still in the low 40’s and milky brown, I wasn’t really that hopeful for an outstanding bite. But since, Mike has been waiting all winter for a chance to try his new fishing reel Santa brought this Christmas, regardless of the weather it was time to bundle up and go fishing. As I wrote in an earlier article, wide wobbling crankbaits fished slowly along rocky banks are my favorite for early spring. The first couple stops weren’t really very productive, then as is the usual case on good days, we hit that magic 100 yard stretch. With the river higher than last year and a little protected from the wind this stretch of boulder laden bank had just the right ingredients. Throwing at a 45 degree angle, I bumped a boulder and felt the sharp ping of a strike, and the battle was on. We hadn’t got the net ready, so I played the monster as Mike tried to open my collapsible net, I tried to lip her but she decided it was time to part company. Mike said it was a giant, I said maybe over 5 lbs. Great fish though. I really wanted a good fish picture for this first on water report but at least I figured the biggin’s were starting to move up. Lake Champlain didn’t disappoint, 10 minutes later another hook up, this time we were ready with the net, a 5.22′ pounder. and a great photo of Mike and the trophy. Before the day was over another one at 5.18lbs and a 3.85′ plus a couple 2.5s, twenty plus pounds on the first day out, awesome baby!  The Mommas are moving up guy’s time to go fishing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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