Cold Spring- YUCK!!!

There is still too much ice south of the Champlain Bridge to fish. If you want to bundle up and launch at Plattsburgh you can try for some good smallies on the deep rock edges where they have been spending the winter. Try Crab Island or the rocky drops along Cumberland Head. Any place with steep rocky drops and points leading to spawning bays.. The water is cold and they are not aggressive so take a jig or shakey heads and work down the bank to 20- 25 feet. If your fishing slow , then slow down. As the water warms over the next few weeks pull out a jerk bait and work it slow..jerk- twitch and pause 30 secs maybe a minute. Slow is the word!!!  If you need something pulling on your line, call Norm’s tackle shop (518-597-3645) in Crown Point and book a trolling trip. Tell them Champlainbass said call, I get brownie points,but no money!

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