Everstart up for grabs.

Tomorrow morning the Big Boys of Bass Fishing take off from Plattsburgh City Dock in search of limits of bass both smallmouth and largemouth otherwise known as Bronze backs and Greenies. With the water being high and for the second time in three years near record levels, a real challenge exists.  Usually the bass are close to summer patterns but this years many are still moving to their summer holes.  Only, this week has a topwater pattern developed which is a good sign the summer season is upon us.  Because the water is high the high temps

It's going to take fish this size to win..

It’s going to take fish this size to win..

haven’t warmed the shallows nearly as in the past, therefore many smallmouth are still swimming and feeding on shallow bait. Anytime water levels are high, largemouth love to get in fin deep water to feed on the abundance of creatures washed up in the new areas.  So what does  it all mean for the” cast for cash boys”, nothing but confusion and the need for a whole lot of luck. My prediction will be a win on topwater smallies. And who do I pick?

Well here is my top ten, let’s see how close I come. I am not going to reveal reasons for my picks so that any inside info I have isn’t revealed:  Randon order:  Tom Belinda, Pete Gluszek, Chris Johnston, JT Kenney, Tom LaVictoire, Jr. , Jason Ober, Darrin Schwenkbeck, David Wolak, Dave Lefebre, Joe Lucarelli.

And the results for day one:

.Here are my top ten picks for the Everstart on Lake Champlain and their standing after day one: Picks were in no order:
1. Tom LaVictorie 2. Darrin Schwenkbeck 4.Dave Lefebre 10. Dave Wolak, 15. Chris Johnson, 28. Joe Lucarelli, 31. Pete Gluszek, 32. Jason Ober, 37. JT Kenney, 67. Tom Belinda.  .Not bad for the first day..some have work to do. Tomorrow tells the tell!

Final results:

Congrats to Tom LaVictoire for his Everstart win. It was just a matter of time before Tom was going to win a big one on  the Lake.  Tom and his Dad are two of the best fisherman in the area. The othes making the top ten from my picks: Dave Lefebre in 2nd, 5th place Dave Wolak and Darrin Schwenkbeck in 6th. Congrats to all.



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