Fishing Not Catching!

This is my first year Guiding and feel I have had great success with over 40 trips and no complains with plenty of tips (money that is).  But , this past Saturday I fished my first tournament on Lake Champlain this year, the BFL and to my dismay I only caught 10 pounds.  Wow, looking back at all the guide trips with my “40 plus 4″ goal achieved  ( 40 keepers and a four pounder). If one would have bet me I wouldn’t catch 15 – 17 lbs, I would have taken the bet and lost!  Maybe it was the conditions or pressure from so many anglers, who knows.  Locations that for weeks have been producing 40 to 50 fish a day didn’t produce a single fish. One thing I think I learned ” I guide others better than myself!”  Or, Maybe that’s why when customers call they ask to “go fishing”  and never ask to “go catching”. Congrats to those who caught more than fifteen pounds.

Dennis with his two best. Where were they on Saturday?

Dennis with his two best. Where were they on Saturday?


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3 Responses to Fishing Not Catching!

  1. Randy Yarnall says:

    When we just go fishing, our minds are relaxed, nothing to prove.
    When we enter a tournament, our minds go into another zone. We think we have something to attain/prove/show/declare.
    No matter what, we have had/will have a great run. It is juat a matter of having fun while doing it.

    • Greg says:

      This happens to me frequently when I enter tournaments. I went out two weeks ago in the Benson area to practice for the Northern Bass Open. It was slow but my partner and I would have had a 19lb bag. The day of the tournament we fished a lot of the same areas using the same techniques and only caught 7 keepers all day that weighed just over 12lbs. We caught more pickerel than we did bass. The pressure of the tournament gets to me when I get off to a slow start.

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