Everstart up for grabs.

Tomorrow morning the Big Boys of Bass Fishing take off from Plattsburgh City Dock in search of limits of bass both smallmouth and largemouth otherwise known as Bronze backs and Greenies. With the water being high and for the second time in three years near record levels, a real challenge exists.  Usually the bass are … Continue reading

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Summertime is Here.

Many years ago when I first lived in the North Country, the winters were really cold . I remember the locals had a saying we have two seasons: “Winter and the 4th of July.”  Well, welcome to our second season. The summer bite is just getting started!  If it wasn’t for the high water, I … Continue reading

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Post Spawn a Coming!!

Yes, the spawn is almost over. Many smallmouth on the Northend of the Lake are starting to chomp. Drag a tube, I haven’t found them to be aggressive and chasing yet. Topwater will be on soon. Expect a topwater bite soon. Sean Wilker posted this report: FYI: Water temps were between 70-72 in Missisquoi. The bite up there … Continue reading

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Finally opening day of bass season is here.  Well not really, we have been  fishing  “catch and release” for weeks, it just means we can keep bass in our live wells and fish tournaments. Yea!!!  Plunder Bay  tournament is Saturday morning, good luck to all. The bite is really on, especially for big fish. Largemouth are starting to … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain Go Away

Well finally the rain has stopped and now a couple of days of sun shine. As soon as the “honey do’s” are finished , I’m hitting the water.  The big momma’s are itching to make beds and right now they are staging before the spawn. In spite of the weather, a couple of buddies, Grae Buck … Continue reading

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The Bite is Back!!

After several weeks of fluctuating water temperatures, cold fronts and high and low pressure systems the fish just haven’t been biting. Well that is about to change!  The water temp south of the Crown Point bridge is back to the low sixties and the largemouth are moving up. Yesterday, I boated a five fish limit over 19 lbs fishing … Continue reading

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The past days on Lake Champlain have been as tough as I have seen them in years. With the change in water temps going from mid 60’s a couple of weeks ago to high 40’s presently, the bass are in shock.  They have backed off to deeper water and in a holding pattern.  Short of dynamite, there is not … Continue reading

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Smallie are Sunning!

With the warm weather the last few days the smallmouth are up and sunning. Warming up their bodies to prepare for bedding.  If you sneak quietly in the shallows of the spawning bays you can observe the suspended smallmouth just under the surface.  If  you cast to them they usually spook, since in this state … Continue reading

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The Bite is ON!!!

Now’s the time to hit the water, the bite is on!  Smallies are moving shallow to warm up for the spawn and the largemouth are right behind. Look for large sandy spawning flats with good hard bottom and  scattered boulders . Watch the temp gauge and when for find 50+ degree water start fishing. Stealth is the key, … Continue reading

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Ryan Latinville Reports

Ryan Latinville: So far the year has been cold and the water temperature has been very stubborn making the fishing slower than it should be. I have caught both smallies and largemouth using soft plastic lizards and tube jigs. Most of the rivers at the North end of the Lake have fish in them in the … Continue reading

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