Otter Creek

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This area marks a transition from the predominantly shallow, weedy warmwater habitat of the southern lake to the deep, coldwater habitat of the central lake.   In fact, some of the deepest depths - in some places exceeding 300 feet - are found directly off the mouth of Otter Creek and Basin Harbor.

Coldwater species such as lake trout and salmon predominate, but the humps and reefs of the main lake provide excellent smallmouth fishing and the bays and coves provide  habitat for largemouth.  This section of the lake receives less bass fishing attention and can be a great place to find an out of the way spot when weekend fishing pressure peaks in other regions.

Otter Creek is a great place to catch both largemouth and smallmouth.  The river delta extends across Fields Bay.   The 6 to 10 foot depths of the delta are well vegetated by midsummer.  The outer edge of the delta drops sharply and provides a well defined edge that holds bass.  The river itself is lined with pads and other vegetation.  This vegetation, together with ample wood cover, provide an overlooked opportunity for largemouth.   Otter Creek can be a great place to fish when the forecast for the main lake isn't favorable.

To the north, Little Otter Creek and Lewis Creek meet at Hawkins Bay.  Each of these areas provides largemouth fishing opporutunities, especially in the early season.  To the south, the western shore of the main lake has numerous humps, points and reefs to attract smallmouth.  The water in here can be exceptionally clear, and finesse techniques are usually warranted.

Because of the influence of cold deep water, fish in this section may be among the last in the lake to spawn.  Bed fishing opportunities can present themselves even when the spawn is largely completed in other areas.   Fishermen should keep an eye out for spawning smallmouth well into June.  Fishermen in this region should also keep an eye on the weather.  The long reaches allow large waves to develop and there are few coves and bays to slip into if weather is rough.  Be sure to check the forecast before heading out on the main lake.

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