Post Spawn a Coming!!

Yes, the spawn is almost over. Many smallmouth on the Northend of the Lake are starting to chomp. Drag a tube, I haven’t found them to be aggressive and chasing yet. Topwater will be on soon. Expect a topwater bite soon. Sean Wilker posted this report: FYI: Water temps were between 70-72 in Missisquoi. The bite up there is a post spawn bite heading towards a summer bite. The water was fairly stained with pockets of clear water which is where I had my most success. The milfoil is coming in decently. With the super moon this past weekend, there were tons of smallies on beds in the main lake with water temperatures between 63-66 degrees depending on location. The water temperatures were in the high 60’s, low 70’s in areas such as The Gut/Carry Bay.

Here is

a couple pics from recent guide trips:

Greg with a smallie from Ike's creek.

Greg with a smallie from Ike’s creek.

Mike and Carol from MD with a nice smallie. Carol wouldn't hold her catch

Mike and Carol from MD with a nice smallie. Carol wouldn’t hold her catch

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