Ryan Latinville Reports

Ryan Latinville:

So far the year has been cold and the water temperature has been very stubborn making the fishing slower than it should be. I have caught both smallies and largemouth using soft plastic lizards and tube jigs. Most of the rivers at the North end of the Lake have fish in them in the 4 lb. plus range… The bite seems to be better in the afternoon. When they turn on, they turn on, we caught 20 in an hour one day and the smallies were between 3 and 5 lbs. and relating to current and rock.  Where there was no break in the current there was no bass. The rocks were key. Down south it was a very slow day, but ended up catching a few on a lizard. They are right up on the bank where the sun warms the water up the fastest. I dragged a lizard very slowly along the rocky points and caught them. Within a couple weeks there should be 100 fish days! So now is the time to get out during this pre-spawn frenzy! It’s only going to get better as it gets warmer!!!

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