The Bite is ON!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow’s the time to hit the water, the bite is on!  Smallies are moving shallow to warm up for the spawn and the largemouth are right behind. Look for large sandy spawning flats with good hard bottom and  scattered boulders . Watch the temp gauge and when for find 50+ degree water start fishing. Stealth is the key, let the boat do the work, a light weight watermelon tube or a senko on 8 lb line and no more than an 1/8 oz weight. If you have a breeze , just drift casting ahead of the boat or just make long casts behind the boat and drag your presentation. Once you catch one hold your position by quietly dropping an anchor and continue to work the area.  Today’s catch a 5’13” ( see pic) and a 5’12” smallie and dozens over three pounds. Best five 22lbs+.  Oh yes sometimes other creatures want to tug on your line.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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