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Over the last decade, the Ticonderoga area of Lake Champlain has become one of the country’s best known spots for largemouth bass, joining names like Toledo Bend, Bull Shoals, Santee Cooper and Lake Okeechobee.  While bass caught here rarely surpass the size of some southern fish, the number of 3lb. and 4lb. largemouth makes “Ti” a favorite of many professional tournament anglers, consistently producing 20lb. limits of largemouth. Laphams Bay, north of Stony Cove, produced Tim Horton’s first BASS Elite Series win here in 2007.

The Ticonderoga area is hard to beat when the summer milfoil beds concentrate schools of largemouth.  For the most part, milfoil and other types of aquatic vegetation define the fishing here.  The abundant milfoil grows on the predominantly mud and silt bottom.  Changes in bottom composition create edges and openings that attract yellow perch, bluegill, crayfish and other forage, which attract the bass.

The water clarity in this stretch varies from muddy in the south to moderately clear in the north.  Finding areas of clear water or defined edges between clear and muddy water can be key.  Extremely high water in the spring and summer of 2011 made clear water tough to find and reduced the growth of the vegetation.  The reduced vegetation seemed to concentrate the bass, and large schools of several dozen bass could be found on small, isolated weedbeds and other isolated cover.

Vermont’s early catch and release season presents an outstanding opportunity to catch exceptional numbers of bass.  The season begins the second Saturday in April and runs through the Friday before the second Saturday in June.   Water can be very high, especially from the opening of the season to mid-May but catching bass around trees, stumps, partially submerged bushes, and other shoreline cover is incredible fun and numbers of bass can be caught over areas that will be dry land in a just a few weeks.

The Ticonderoga boat launch is the site of dozens of bass tournaments each year, and with good reason.   The launch is one of the lake’s best, with multiple concrete ramps, docks and adequate parking.  The town of Ticonderoga has numerous gas stations, restaurants and lodging for anglers.

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